n/a is pleased to present three programs in august: fear of commitment, new work by a.k. burns, and a preface and an index, in association with new postures at the bay area now 7 triennial at the yerba buena center for the arts.


a.k. burns
fear of commitment 

august 17 - september 28
opening august 17 / 4 - 7 pm


"when is a broken off limb just a part of the environment and when is it offspring?" karen barad

n/a’s third artist residency features a.k. burns, visiting from brooklyn, new york. burns returns to oakland after an absence of more than a decade, activating n/a through multiple forms of production, making space for the perforation of ideas and approaching interdisciplinary methods as a series of potentials.

an artist with community focused sensibilities and an investment in the politics of the body, burns has been a founder and collaborator on projects such as w.a.g.e. ( working artists and the great economy ), the trans-feminist magazine randy, and the feature length socio-sexual video community action center. burns is currently at work on a long term video installation that re-imagines the sci-fi genre through a surreal narrative of bodies in transition and their relationship to nature, technology, territory and resources >

fear of commitment opens through an event for the doubt it talk series, presented by k.r.m. mooney. burns is also featured as a panelist in n/a’s an index, presented through bay area now 7 at the yerba buena center for the arts.


lawrence rinder
a preface

august 13 - september 6


featuring artwork, objects and ephemera from the collection of lawrence rinder — co-curator of the first exhibition exploring the resonance of queer experience in twentieth-century American art, in a different light, in 1995 — a preface explores collection as a site of personal inquiry and a point of reference, examining how queer history can inform radical new gestures within contemporary art historiography. with work by miguel arzabe, balthus, ben echeverria, pawel kruk, meth mouth, lilija rinder, june schwarcz, and john zurier.


new postures
an index

saturday august 16 / 2 - 4 pm


adjacent to the exhibition a preface, n/a hosts a panel discussion examining representations of queerness within various institutional settings. an index aims to examine self-generated activity and how it informs contemporary art practice as a circuitous form of activism in art and culture. featuring local and national curators, artists, and cultural producers from the bay area and beyond, the panel will include a.k. burns, k.r.m. mooney, joel parsons, lawrence rinder, nicholas andre sung, and tina takemoto in conversation. for more info visit our event page >


image by a.k. burns.