saturday march 22 7 - 9 pm 

my gaze /// yr gaze : jason fritz presents portrait of jason by shirley clark — ' a pure documentary without adornment, portrait was created from a single, 12-hour-long interview with jason holliday, a gay african american hustler and aspiring nightclub performer. holliday’s stories of racism, homophobia, parental abuse, drugs, sex and prostitution would have been shocking if not for his candor, humor and acerbic charm.'

my gaze / / / yr gaze is a screening program that explores what cinema seen through a queer perspective can tell us about itself, ourselves, the worlds we live in, and the worlds we imagine. it is curated by irwin swirnoff.


jason fritz is an interdisciplinary artist whose work shuttles between performance, installation, and disaster; heavily in conversation with the histories of the queer future and representation through documentation. he holds a degree in a few different things, bfa san francisco state university film and gender studies & mfa berkeley university art practice. his work has been exhibited in galleries, performance spaces and universities throughout the world and cyber space. >

sunday march 23 7 - 10 pm

n / a presents doubt it/ talk series with Mehron Abdollmohammadi, Kibele Lo, and Esra Canogullari — the collaboration of several transnational trans identities, accessing fantasy through performance, video, and other aesthetic grammars. 

doubt it / talk series is a collaborative project to create a physical and social space for contemporary artists to perform queer practices as an artistic extension, through lectures, performances and screenings. it is organized by kait mooney.


Mehron Abdollmohammadi is an interdisciplinary writer, artist and performer living in Brooklyn, NY.

Kibele Lo is the founder and the main installation of the hysthetics project--

Esra Canogullari is a Turkish American artist and writer based in Oakland, CA whose work focuses on creating diasporic trans fantasies through performance, craft, sculpture and adornment.