k.r.m. mooney

june 1 - july 12 2014
opening june 1 8 - 11 pm


n/a presents 'understudy', a new body of work by k.r.m. mooney.

through a series of alterations and gestures, understudy considers the potentials of activity and affect specific to trans-spatiality. there's a dusting, but also a decorating: slants in how objects and spaces are designated for use. strategizing abstraction as a form of resistance, transfigured forms avoid legible subjectivity, giving priority to objects and theories of embodiment that do not seek totality or coherence of self.

using tools for the jeweler to access finite movements, and bodies, re-coded, using the language of proximity and ornamentation, as a system of interrelated decisions, understudy re-conceives identity to de-center the human within economies of reproduction and desire, in favor of a visual rhetoric that views materials and objects as active agents.


k. r. m. mooney is an artist based in oakland, california. they received their BFA from california college of the arts in 2012 and are a recent recipient of the 2013 alternative exposure grant for doubt it / talk series, an inter-generational lecture platform. mooney has exhibited at n/a and important projects and contributed to some type of way, a recent publication carried by art metropole and BGSQD. forthcoming exhibitions include jancar jones in los angeles, interstate projects in new york and mission comics in san francisco. >