doubt it / talk series

doubt it / talk series is a collaborative project to create a physical and social space for contemporary artists to perform queer practices as an artistic extension, through lectures, performances and screenings. it is organized by kait mooney >


doubt it / talk series aims to move beyond a determined examination of queer sensibilities to create space for the potentiality of alternative embodiments, dialogues and art practices. the relational practice of queer bodies in space works to open a possibility for the queering of reception within artistic sensibilities, and aims to create a working space between embodied experience and theoretical and conceptual points of reference.

the project finds urgency in responding to artistic production where queerness may not be explicitly present — through its spacial formations, indeterminability, function, blankness,  abstraction or minimalist sensibilities —, and sees everyday spacial / political concepts and rituals as rich sites of social and material inquiry. 

it makes space for investigations of identity politics, historical practices, and contemporary sensibilities, but holds an emphasis on the futurity of queerness and aims to act as a system of support for emergent artists that encourages multi-generational dialogues and community between self taught artists, curators, educators, amateurs and professionals. 

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kait mooney (b. 1990 seattle, lives in oakland) works through gestures of abstraction as a strategy of resistance, thinking through queerness as a form of spatial and material illegibility to create new potentialities in physical and social space. kait is a current resident at real time and space, and is a recent bfa graduate of the california college of the arts >