new postures 

july 18 - october 5
opening july 18, 8 - 11 pm


through its signature triennial, the yerba buena center for the arts celebrates the diversity of artistic practices in the bay area by inviting fifteen independent organizations to exhibit in bay area now 7.

n/a's contribution is a crescendo, a cooling off, a coming together and a break. new postures looks at the intersections and the gaps between varied practices and approaches — aligning professional, semi-professional and amateur efforts; art and non art objects; immediate and durational gestures; the manufactured and the handmade — in the hope that in the moments of ambiguity, confusion and clarity, we might find the language of a queer futurity.

organized into three sections, each ‘posture’ involves a platform, an installation and an event.


the first posture features two artist projects. in a nod to an early memory, lorna and nicholas andre sung collaborate on a series of floral arrangements, taking inspiration from informal conversations and the almost 30 year gap between these moments. as flowers wilt and additions appear, closeted use, a fashion initiative by artist esra canogullari, unfolds. "what is the look? how do i get there?" textile pieces and music activate an interior space, and on august 6th, performers theo rabinowitz and manny mireles select and dress in clothing draped within the installation, with videography by indira allegra.

the second posture, a preface, features an exhibition of artworks from the home of berkeley art museum director lawrence rinder. works exhibited in a preface include pieces by miguel arzabe, balthus, ben echeverria, paul kruk, meth mouth, lilija rinder, june schwarz and john zurier. these small sculptures, paintings and incidental objects will rest on informal display structures made of stepstools, glass sheets and plastic baggies, and will serve as the backdrop for an index, a conversation exploring queer sensibilities within contemporary art historiography. this panel brings together curators, artists and organizers tina takemoto, joel parsons, a.k burns along with mr. rinder, nicholas andre sung and k.r.m. mooney.

the third posture, entitled pose-bin for still action, features the sculptural work of k.r.m. mooney and bryan morello. approaching objects as systematic and architectural bodies, pose-bin 'works toward potentials of access and animacy, approaching objects as active agents and re-orienting the body toward a horizontal field." here n/a features its last event of BAN 7 — downtown, a performance by musician myles cooper.


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