jaimie healy
Night Window. 

april 12 - may 18 2014
closing may 17 8 - 11 pm


'an urge, at the cost of nervous collapse in cheap rooms, propels poetry toward something that detectives call perfection. dead-end street.' roberto bolaño

n/a is proud to present Night Window. a new body of work by jaime healy. gently repealing legibility through gestures inscrutable and sloppy, incisive, doubtful, draped and carefully cut, her concrete, neon and found material sculptures are assays into the nature of articulation.

concerned with being as a condition of language and meaning as a product of consent, healy creates gaps – material gestures that de-construct syntax and allow for new articulation; gasps of air that circumvent hierarchies typically established through the body. with an opaque, unattached and accidental air, the work seems simultaneously without affect and terribly alarmed — it is artwork that has been found, kicked around, delivered: a careful debris. a sentence without a clause: an invitation.

Night Window. opens april 12th and will include a series of readings, participants to be announced. for more information on this program and others, please visit our facebook page >


jaimie healy (b. 1977, new jersey) creates work that moves across disciplines from painting, to sculpture, and performance, often also drawing from the written word in poetry, philosophy, and psychology. considering her art a form of writing, one encounters objects as words and arrangement, a syntax in which none of the relationships are manifest.

healy is interested in ideas of consciousness, started her schooling studying art and revolution of 1789 france at hampshire college, traveling to the ukraine as a christian missionary, and later receiving her bfa from the san francisco art institute and her mfa from the california college of the arts.


n/a is an exhibition and event space with a focus on the queer experience in contemporary art practice, centered in oakland, california. support for n/a is provided by southern exposure's alternative exposure grant program >

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