charlotte herzig and anne sylvie henchoz
onion, shape, choreography

july 24th 7:30 - 9 pm


how can pedestal stairs become pretext to a love letter in the form of a mango?

n/a hosts charlotte herzig and anne sylvie henchoz, who take up residence in the gallery to present onion, shape, choreography, the third chapter in a collaboration that incorporates installation, text, and performance.

a mingling of voices — as if two explorers, bored on an island —, their small, automatic dialogues will become a litany, incorporating a superimposition of practices and corporealities. continuing a line of 'research' that seeks to activate interior landscapes, onion, shape, choreography will spread throughout the gallery, the set for a visual score that summons color, travel, physical and mental journeys. 


charlotte herzig was born in vevey, switzerland, and has a bfa from the university of art and design in lausanne ( ECAL ) and an MFA from the san francisco art institute. recent exhibitions include charlotte herzig, tobias spichtig and hennin strassburger at boltelang, zürich / friday, a group show curated by samuel leuenberger and elise lammer at autocenter, berlin (2014). she lives and works in berlin.

anne sylvie henchoz completed a master of contemporary art practices at HEAD, geneva, in 2012. with a polymorphic practice that includes action, construction and narrative, she considers 'body-sculpting' through mass, physicality and sexuality. creating sensual, focal and expansive encounters, she practices through a prism of language, embodying 'film-like spaces', expanded cinema, and performance.