k.r.m. mooney and bryan morello
pose bin for still action


the yerba buena center for the arts
september 10 - october 5


pose bin for still action is an exhibition of works by k.r.m. mooney and bryan morello that seeks to rework the figures of the passive for a more open network of relations, approaching objects as systematic and architectural bodies with no cult, no temple, no school.

through an un-ordering of directional movement, mooney's plating vessels work against any singular method of distribution, prioritizing the technological potential of objects and the self-organization of matter, vital in its capacity to persist.

disintegrating and assigning ideas to materiality without divine legitimization, morello's constructed bins evacuate any network or structure of use. the cross-reference of objects takes form as a dioramic model of sub-narrative gestures, an abstraction of physical and material-based capacities.

incorporating the anxiety and inability to depart as politicized subjects as a means for holistic figuration, a grey vinyl material works as an encounter or arrival, re-orienting the body toward a horizontal field. present as an autonomous object, the floor becomes a placeholder, contingent to n/a as a site of material, spatial and political concerns.

pose bin for still action is an environment of active substances, trans-spatial interactions and assemblages — a mosaic of bodies that unrest ideas of the human body as a singular, prioritized agent.