ariel goldberg
the estrangement principle 

july 19 - aug 31 2013


in our first residency, n/a hosts brooklyn-based artist ariel goldberg, who will bring their research-intensive project the estrangement principle to the east bay in the form of an ongoing slideshow in the gallery, readings, and a serialized text.

a durational inquiry into the estrangement that artists who are queer might feel, the project has grown to become a historical and literary research project that walks through readings of authors and theorists who are queer, trans, and lesbian.

originally published as an extensive essay, the work continued to develop through a presentation at the poetry project talk series in new york, where goldberg's interest in queer identification began to conflate with their extensive interrogation of the performance of photography, and the collapsing of their photographic and writing practices. with roots in the street photography tradition, goldberg's photographs have become their source of questioning, while their writing has become more formally concerned with taking pictures of moments.

for this residency, n/a will nurture the further development of this project, providing a live / work space for the artist to continue drafting the essay, conducting interviews, and taking photographs. goldberg's materials include discussions with artists and writerscritical race theory, dissent within queer theory and feminism, AIDS activism in relation to art, new narrative writing, and the making of art movements.

in a return to the bay area, the estrangement principle provides a refutation and a refinement of goldberg's continued experimentation with language, performance, and ontology.


ariel goldberg (b. 1983 new jersey, lives in brooklyn) is an artist with a practice that explores photography and writing. assuming many forms — the score, the interview, the poem, the book, the recording, the action, the play — their work interrogates our participation with cultural frameworks, drawing from extended processes of gathering, and re-performing.

they have published and presented extensively, including recent publications picture cameras nono press 2010, the photographer without a camera trafficker press 2011, and the estrangement principle, selections of which appear in aufgabe 11. goldberg has been an artist in resident at the invisible dog and the headlands center for the arts, and is a 2013 recipient of a franklin furnace fund grant for the photographer, a series of performances and slideshows. they are currently a research fellow in the wertheim study at new york public library. goldberg received an MFA in writing from mills college in 2009 and a BFA in photography from NYU in 2005. >


photograph by ariel goldberg >